The Delicious Directory – Social Enterprise Restaurants and Cafes

The Delicious Directory is a list of social enterprise and charity restaurants, cafes and dining experiences that I have located on my travels. I want to make it easy for people to enjoy incredible food whilst making their money go that little bit further by supporting a good cause at the same time.

The places I have personally visited include a link to a more detailed blog about my dining experience. I hope you enjoy discovering and devouring the menus in these great spots.

  • STREAT, various locations across Melbourne. The foodie social enterprise to inspire us all. Cafes, coffee and catering services on a mission to stop youth homelessness and disadvantage. 
  • Feast of Merit, Melbourne. Tasty middle-eastern dishes designed for sharing. One of three social enterprises launched by YGAP, a movement of poverty alleviating impact entrepreneurs. Eating for Good: Australia.
  • Gratia and Folonomo, Sydney. Chic, delicious cafe in Surry Hills supporting local customer-chosen charities and the Pure Foundation. The perfect spot for brunch. Eating for Good: Australia.
  • Jaan Bai, Battambang. Sophisticated restaurant serving high-quality food and supporting the Cambodia Children's Trust to break the cycle of poverty for children and families in Battambang. Eating for Good: Cambodia
  • Haven, Siem Reap. Lives up to its namesake teaching orphaned and underprivileged young adults work and life skills. A mix of delicious Khmer, fusion and Western dishes are served up in a lovely garden setting. Eating for Good: Cambodia  
  • Marum, Siem Reap. 
  • New Leaf Cafe, Siem Reap. Super cute cafe with amazing breakfast options including a vegan feast. Donating profits to chosen local charities each month.
  • Romdeng, Phnom Penh. Romdeng is a Tree Alliance training restaurant run by Mith Samlanh which works to build the futures of former street children and marginalised youths, the restaurant sits in beautiful location and has a mouthwatering menu.
  • Fair Warung Bale, Ubud, Bali. An incredible operation serving brilliant Balinese food in a cosy and fun environment. Providing free healthcare for those in need and currently building a new children's hospital. Eating for Good: Indonesia 
  • Milas, Yogyakarta, Java. Beautiful hidden garden setting and a great vegetarian menu, all proceeds support local environmental, education and health programmes. Eating for Good: Indonesia  
  • Khaiphaen, Luang Prabang. Visit this vocational training restaurant for interesting local Laos cuisine designed for sharing. Run by Peuan Mit, the Tree Alliance restaurant addresses the needs of street children and young people in Luang Prabang.
  • Joma Bakery Cafe, Luang Prabang. Gelato and cake galore greets you at Joma, an enterprise which works with a number of NGOs to provide jobs training and opportunities to disadvantaged persons. 10% of profits are donated to local charities.
  • Makphet, Vientiane. A Tree Alliance enterprise set in a lovely garden and serving local Laos cuisine including a great selection of fresh and vibrant salads. - Currently closed whilst searching for a new venue.
  • De'Devine, Kuala Lumpur. Small friendly cafe run by MySkills to train underprivileged youths. Students serve up simple home cooked meals and sweet treats and 100% of profits are poured back into the students and the cafe.
  • Project B, Kuala Lumpur. Collaboration between the Dignity for Children Foundation, the BIG Group and Berjaya Cares Foundation. Work experience for young people is provided at the cafe, whilst proceeds support Dignity's work to provide access to education.
  • Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok. Fun themed restaurant supporting family planning services and the PDA in rural Thailand.  Eating for Good: Thailand.
  • Time for Lime, Koh Lanta. Awesome enterprise serving up delicious tasting menus and protecting the welfare of animals on the island. Eating for Good: Thailand
  • Free Bird Cafe, Chiang Mai. 100% of profits from this organic vegetarian and vegan cafe go to Thai Freedom House, a language and arts community learning center for Indigenous Peoples and Burmese refugees.
United Kingdom
  • Crisis Cafe, London. Brilliant little lunch spot serving great sandwiches, salads, hearty jacket potatoes, quiche and more. The cafe provides a route into employment for homeless people and ex-offenders by offering practical training programmes.
  • Turl Street Kitchen, Oxford. Delicious and beautifully presented, locally sourced food, supporting Oxford Hub; a student-led group offering volunteering opportunities, skilled placements and project incubation.
  • Koto, Hanoi. Training restaurant providing a host of opportunities to at-risk and disadvantaged youth in Hanoi, seeking to break the poverty cycle with a great menu of traditional Vietnamese dishes and first class service Eating for Good: Vietnam
  • Hoa Sua, Hanoi. Set in a historic building on a quiet alley, this training restaurant serves up French and Vietnamese dishes and provides young disadvantaged people with life and vocational training Eating for Good: Vietnam

The list is ever-growing. If you know of a social enterprise restaurant or cafe which should be added to the Delicious Directory, please let me know.


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